Virtual Front Desk

A missed appointment amounts to missed billing revenue and implies that your staff is sitting idle on company clock, losing money with each passing minute. On average one out of every four patients misses their appointments. Employing a dedicated patient scheduling service provides a reliable means to combat patient no shows. Appointment reminders, confirmations and follow-up calls help to protect your billing revenue and build long term patient loyalty. Softenviro assigns dedicated staff to each practice to manage patient appointments. Our Patient Scheduling service includes the following:

  • Receive calls to schedule patient appointments
  • Call and send email to confirm patient appointments
  • Reminder calls one week and one day before the scheduled appointment
  • Rescheduling appointment if necessary
  • Online set up for physicians billing
  • Follow-up on missed appointments to identify possible cause and reschedule
  • Courtesy calls to build stronger relationships with customers Respond to messages in mail box