Medical Billing

A Responsible Billing Agency

The world is changing; new medical developments and techniques have changed the face of healthcare. Softenviro cares for practices and patients alike. Softenviro helps doctors to optimize, maximize revenue, reduce expenses & ensures that physicians are efficiently providing care to their patients. Softenviro has been emerging as one of the rapid growing healthcare companies. We provide revenue cycle and practice management services for healthcare providers across the country.
Softenviro offers a suite of fully-integrated, end-to-end services which help physicians and practices simplify every step of the practice management process, from the initial scheduling of an appointment to the billing and remittance tasks. We have introduced Virtual front desk by which we handles daily calling so the provider’s employees could better concentrate on their more important tasks than attending calls & booking appointments etc.
Our goal is to maximize practice earning potential by reducing practice expenses and increasing the net yield of every practice that we work with, allowing physicians to spend more time with patients and less time with paperwork. In line with this goal, we have to provide services on very comfortable prices and also give some valuable favor services such as marketing, branding, web development front office and back office services. Softenviro build the services & cares for all of its clients and helps enable efficient delivery of healthcare revenue cycle management and IT Services, credentialing, front desk services and website development.

Best Medical Billing Services That Maximize Profitability

Softenviro has been working since 2008 as medical billing experts for most of your clinical practice needs. Softenviro offers a flexible platform of medical billing services ranging from simple follow-ups to comprehensive revenue cycle management. Our services are designed in a way to neatly fit within the practice’s existing workflows and minimize disruptions. We offer two main service levels which can be further tailored according to each practice’s needs.

Why Us?

Softenviro offers dedicated revenue cycle management services to its clients. This is suitable for practices that are looking to streamline their A/R while maintaining in house billing capabilities. Softenviro produces complete end-to-end solution to its clients in medical practices. Our features to maintain the clients benefit from our ability to maximize collections and profits as well as ensure that they are always compliant with the constantly changing and complex healthcare regulations.

Medical Billing Services

  • Eligibility Check
  • Verify patient related information
  • General Billing
  • Pathology Billing
  • DME Billing
  • SCS and NCS Billing
  • Primary, secondary and tertiary payer billing
  • Keeping track record of payments

Complete Revenue Cycle Management

Our billing services cover the entire revenue cycle, from coding to electronic & Paper billing and follow ups. Responsibilities between Softenviro Solutions and the Practice are divided as follows:

Softenviro Responsibilities

Generate ICD and CPT codes Verify encounter documentation from the Provider Create and submit claims to insurance carriers Follow up on claims and initiate appeals process if necessary. We will provide separate login for the providers and/or practices to access details such as number of patients seen during a month, amount received from the patient and the payer etc.

Practice’s Responsibilities

  • Provide patients demographics and insurance information
  • Approve electronic encounter notes submitted by Softenviro
  • Send Explanation of Benefits (EOB) to Softenviro
  • Document patient encounters
  • Generate Super bill
  • Provide Softenviro with access to the practice electronic billing software

Our value added features to Practices:

  • Dedicated account manager
  • 24×7 online access to practice billing information
  • Weekly and monthly financial reports
  • Weekly and monthly phone conference with account manager
  • Phone and Email support

What information a billing company will be handling in the system Patient Registration

  • Demographics
  • Patient Name
  • ID Number
  • Patient Photo ID
  • Account Number
  • Insurance Carrier
  • Insurance ID
  • Co-pay Information
  • Responsible Party
  • Emergency Contact

Appointment Scheduling

  • Provider, Resource, Department & Facility Schedules
  • Appointment Color Coding
  • Appointment Status
  • Triage, Wait List & Forced Booking
  • Exam Room Assignment
  • Appointment Search
  • Recurring & Follow-up Appointments / Rule-based Scheduling
  • Daily, Weekly, Monthly Calendar
  • Appointment Messaging
  • Scheduling Reports
  • Appointment Audit Trail Special Instructions and Comments
  • Patient Search

Electronic & Paper Billing

  • Fee Schedules based on insurance, department and facilities
  • Professional, Institutional, Dental and Counseling Charges
  • Claim Creation
  • Electronic Claim Submission Electronic Payment Posting
  • Payment Follow up
  • Balance Due Follow up
  • Electronic Eligibility Verification
  • Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)
  • Explanation of Benefits (EOB)
  • HIPAA Compliance
  • Unique Patient Visit ID
  • Charge Creation using ICD and CPT
  • Superbill Templates
  • A/R management
  • Co-pay Collection
  • Billing Reports
  • Referral Management


  • Revenue Tracking
  • Collections by department, provider or resource
  • A/R with aging
  • Provider/staff/department workload
  • Productivity Statistics by provider/staff/resource/department
  • Billing and Scheduling Reports
  • Custom Reports through direct DB query interface within the application

Security & Availability

  • Unique User Names
  • Password Protection
  • Built-in Backup Functionality
  • Audit Tracking
  • HIPPA Compliant