Entrepreneur Club


To be the best partners to young entrepreneurs by offering well researched and tested entrepreneurial skills and practices that shape and equip them to be world business leaders.


To work with young entrepreneurs by training and motivating them to be visionary thinkers and have value for the quality and collective effort.

Entrepreneurship refers to the disposition and capability to organize, manage and develop a business operation together with its risks so as to make a profit. It refers to the art or skill of having a business idea, nurturing it, conceptualizing it and materializing it to become something that can be seen. It is not just about starting a business, but rather doing whatever is possible to see the idea grow and persist all the challenges that bombard entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurship is all-around and incessantly demanding, and there are a lot of setbacks that could affect a business. Most of the successful entrepreneurs are familiar with this, and they are aware that everything they do in business requires significant effort to achieve success. In order to be an accomplished entrepreneur, you do not have to be born with a specific mindset, but instead, you need to be prepared for the challenges that are waiting for you.

ABOUT US: We are an entrepreneurship club that focuses on the collective effort of all parties so as to bring out individuals who are visionary thinkers with the skills and expertise to change the status quo in business. The future of all world economies is in the hands of its youth and they are our main focus because we desire to equip them in order for them to take up the mantle to drive the economy forward. We offer motivational workshops for members in order to share success stories that inspire other young members to aspire to be better.

  • To train members to value competitors rather than see them as threats to their own success. Through studying competitors` business models, they can learn why they are doing better than theirs and visualize areas for improvement.
  • To cultivate the spirit of starting small among members and then growing the business idea to a bigger project after they have learned of the nitty-gritty of the business and have the confidence to grow it.
  • To train members to see challenges as opportunities for growth since every challenge is unique and reveals a way to open an opportunity from growing and to improve on a certain weakness or see it as a way of avoiding to make the same mistake in future.
  • To train the members to appreciate making mistakes for it is through them that they learn of their true potential. Making mistakes is considered to be a normal and fit occurrence, the sooner entrepreneurs appreciate it, the better.
  • To nurture members who are good communicators and actively listen to other people with different opinions and ideas. It is to keep an open mind since the business world is dynamic rather than static.
  • To provide an avenue through which members can be able to realize entrepreneurial resources, information, and to network with both international and domestic entrepreneurs, and share opinions, interests, and ideas.
  • To nurture the spirit of giving quality efforts among members of their businesses at every opportunity that comes their way as this will give satisfaction and a sense of self-worth and confidence.
  • To bring out members who believe in their efforts, abilities, and quality of work instead of focusing on making money.
  • To bring out members who are visionary thinkers and look ahead to their entrepreneurial activities in the ever changing the business environment.
  • To bring out members who are open-minded rather than rigid and ready to learn from others and change with the changes in the business environment.
  • Teamwork: Ensure that members work together across boundaries to make sure the club is able to realize its objectives.
  • Accountability: Ensure that members know that they are accountable for their decisions and how they influence their success as entrepreneurs.
  • Respect for people: Ensure that members have respect for all humanity and the environment and ensure that their businesses do not infringe on the rights of others.
  • Customer Commitment: Ensure that members are committed to customer satisfaction since this is what holds the future of their businesses.
  • Quality: Ensure that members are committed to quality in all their undertakings for this will create uniqueness, satisfaction, credibility and a good reputation. A good reputation speaks for itself and sells the business.
  • Will to win: Ensure members have a strong will to win in all endeavors regardless of the challenges that come their way. A positive mind will give the zeal to dominate the business environment.

  • You will have the chance to learn from others and also share your experience with others.
  • Being an entrepreneur will give you more earnings that an employee. Your income is not fixed but depends on your efforts and your strong will to win
  • You will have more confidence in yourself by knowing that you can do it. This gives satisfaction and a sense of self-worth that you cannot get from anywhere else.
  • You enjoy more control and flexibility of your time. You are in charge.
  • You have the chance to learn and gain more knowledge that can give ideas to pursue new ventures.
  • You will have the freedom to pursue your vision.

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